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If your company provides SHUTTLE SERVICE for your employees, this event is for YOU!

The AmCham and Moveinsync will host a roundtable discussion on innovative technologies for workplace efficiency on June 1, 2023. Attendees, including HR Executives, Facility Managers, Mobility Leads, and Operations Directors from shared services/BPO, financial, and insurance companies, will discuss employer-sponsored commuting and its role in enhancing employee work performance while promoting environmental sustainability. Supporting eco-friendly modes of transportation demonstrates an organization's commitment to corporate social responsibility.

The discussion will revolve around the crucial role of employer-sponsored commuting in making evolving workplaces successful. By providing transportation options to employees, companies can reduce the stress and hassle of commuting, leading to increased job satisfaction and retention. Attendees will engage in intimate and conversational discussions, followed by dinner. The event offers a valuable opportunity to gain insights on how employer-sponsored commuting can contribute to overall productivity and well-being.

In conclusion, employer-sponsored commuting can reduce an organization's carbon footprint and improve employee work performance. The AmCham and Moveinsync round table discussion will focus on this topic, providing attendees with insights into innovative technologies for efficiency. The discussion will be followed by dinner, offering attendees an opportunity to network and share ideas.

Should you have prior engagement on the said date, we would appreciate it if you can send any senior representative from your operations team.

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