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Media use is seen as a very important part of Filipino life as exposure to media mirrors the desire to be part of both society and the environment. Among the Filipino people, films are considered to be one of the popular forms of entertainment as it directly employs around 260,000 Filipinos and generate generating around ₱2 billion incomes per annum. Within the Southeast Asian region, Philippine cinema remains the most vibrant and diverse as the majority of films made in the region came from the Philippines along with the film industries of Thailand and Indonesia.

However, on a global scale, the downfall of Philippine cinema is traced to Filipinos' exposure to foreign films rather than mainstream cinema. The competition from foreign films with better editing techniques, cinematography, story concept, and far bigger production made it difficult for Filipino films to compete. Also, high taxation for film producers affects the number of films available. Hence, with the advent of new technologies and new media platforms, the industry is faced with new challenges.

The technical quality of foreign films made it difficult for the local industry to compete since moviegoers mostly watched films for entertainment and a sort of enjoyment and diversion. Furthermore, the Philippine film industry has faced incredible drawbacks since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic - from the continued closure of cinemas that affected the production of local films, to the challenges plaguing the safe conduct of production activities and onsite events.

Now, more than ever, it is a significant task to develop the Philippine film industry as it can be one of the top sources of revenue by the government and help the economy recover post-pandemic by revisiting (1) the programs and strategies made by foreign film industry; (2) status and potential of the local film industry, (3) as well as the programs, projects, and legislation being implemented by the Philippine government to develop the position of the local film industry, which will all be discussed in this webinar.


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  • Mary Liza Diño (Chairperson at Film Development Council of the Philippines)

    Mary Liza Diño

    Chairperson at Film Development Council of the Philippines

    A thespian, cultural activist, LGBT rights advocate, and a culinary aficionado whose life motto is to relentlessly pursue her passion to protect her causes.

    Internationally acclaimed award-winning actress with 18 years of experience in the field of acting and has successfully ventured into stage, film, and television. Appeared in numerous films for both independent and mainstream film productions in Manila and the US.

    A respected advocate of the independent film movement in the Philippines and has been actively supporting its causes since 2005. Part of the very first Cinemalaya Film Festival and has since been acting in some of its independently produced films; joining various campaigns to create awareness about the current plight of Philippine cinema to encourage the Filipino people to patronize independent films.

    Indigenous Peoples’ Rights supporter. Has been actively participating in the causes of our Indigenous People's fight to defend their lands and stop militarization in their communities. We abhor the forced evacuation of our Lumad brothers and sisters from their communities because of OPLAN BAYANIHAN which allows encampment of the military in their schools and houses. As of today, our Lumad brothers and sisters have been displaced with no sufficient food and shelter for a year now.

    Background as managing director of a multi-level marketing company enhanced the ability to create a vision for the company, and develop programs that work towards its growth and stability. Proven ability to conceptualize and orchestrate awareness campaigns that effectively reach out to its target audience and
    create successful response rates.

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  • Quark Henares (Executive Director of ANIMA (Kroma Entertainment))

    Quark Henares

    Executive Director of ANIMA (Kroma Entertainment)

  • Joe Caliro (Consultant at ANIMA (Kroma Entertainment))

    Joe Caliro

    Consultant at ANIMA (Kroma Entertainment)

  • Tanya Yuson (Chief Creative Development Officer at BASE Entertainment)

    Tanya Yuson

    Chief Creative Development Officer at BASE Entertainment

    Tanya Yuson is a founding partner and Chief Creative Development officer of BASE Entertainment, a studio based out of Jakarta and Singapore that develops, finances, produces, and distributes content for the Indonesian market as well as for the international market. She is the Executive producer and writer for the Netflix Original Anime Series TRESE.

    Currently, BASE has a slate of projects in varying stages of development and pre-production including a slate of movies that are co-productions with CJ entertainment and Ivanhoe, the first of which is Joko Anwar’s film IMPETIGORE which had its world premiere at Sundance in 2020 and won the top prize at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. Aside from TRESE, BASE also has its live-action series QUARANTINE TALES on Netflix as well as the films AKHIRAT: A LOVE STORY and CRAZY AWESOME TEACHERS. Prior to founding BASE, Tanya spent 14 years in New York and Los Angeles where she worked in development for studios such as New Line Cinema and The Walt Disney Company. She then went on to be a producer and an executive at Millar Gough Ink, a production company whose principals were Al Gough and Miles Millar, where she worked on company projects such as SMALLVILLE for TV and feature films such as THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR , HANNAH MONTANA: THE MOVIE and I AM NUMBER FOUR to name a few. Tanya was also a consultant for the Dino de Laurentiis company in Los Angeles.

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  • Celina Agaton (Executive Director of Creative Economy Council of the Philippines)

    Celina Agaton

    Executive Director of Creative Economy Council of the Philippines

    Celina Agaton is Filipino-Canadian, working closely with global communities to regenerate local economies through local knowledge stewardship, gender equity, business development and free and open source geospatial technologies. She leads international programs for World Bank, Asian Development Bank and APEC-Global Affairs Canada.

    Celina was raised in Jakarta, Manila and Toronto. In Toronto she was the Community Engagement Director for Open Cities at the Martin Prosperity Institute, Digital Director and Policy Advisor to the Toronto Deputy Mayor. She created cross-sector self-sustaining funding and civic innovation ecosystems with the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade and the private sector. She previously led strategy and programming for Toronto International Film Festival, Art Gallery of Ontario and Miami’s Wolfsonian Museum.

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