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AmCham came to life in 1902 as the Manila Coffee Round Table and later as Manila Merchants Association. Incorporated in 1920, it has since then recognized and reconfirmed the commitment of American business to the development and welfare of the Philippines and the Filipino people.

This is a commitment of long standing, as its mission statement declares:

“The Chamber exists to serve the interests of U.S. businesses through the participation of members in promoting their long-term objectives, while contributing to the civic and economic development of the Philippines.”

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Training Overview

When it comes time to make a in-person or remote presentation, anyone can create good-looking slides. But few people are capable to plan and deliver their ideas with clarity, and project a strong sense of professionalism.

Why does this matter? Unless their points get across clearly, presenters might not get approval for their marketing plan or budget from management or be able to close a sales. It might even affect their path to promotion.

This workshop is a deep dive into advanced in-person and remote presentations skills. It is designed for professionals working with foreign managers, clients or partners.

Participants gain practical and actionable tips they can put to use right away.

Workshop curriculum: (4 hours)

Module I: Simplifying your Slides

Minimizing the amount of content and maximizing the impact of slides with simple design tools

Module II: Defining the End-Goal and Structuring Key Messages

  • Visualizing the logical flow of your presentation
  • Understanding what information your audience needs to hear
  • Determining your end-goal and the right sequence of your key messages
  • Structuring your presentation with more clarity, logic and impact in five steps

Module III: Mastering Practical Aspects of In-Person Public Speaking

  • Overcoming your fear of public speaking with 10 simple tips
  • Perfecting your body language, improving voice and diction through exercises
  • Using impactful words and expressions for various types of presentations

Module IV: Delivering an Effective Business Presentation (In-person or remote)

  • Building a short but powerful introduction to draw the attention of the audience;
  • Creating a strong and articulate conclusion that prompts your audience to take action.

Module V: Adapting to Remote Audiences and Mastering remote Presentations Skills

  • Interacting effectively with your audience from the beginning to the end of your presentation;
  • Keeping your audience engaged to maintain their attention and reduce distractions;
  • Applying tips about formatting slides and factoring breaks to prevent participants' from exiting;
  • Mastering on-camera presence and body language to project professionalism.
  • Learning key technical tips to optimize the quality of your remote delivery.

This eLearning is FREE of charge.

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Use this ticket if your company is a member of AmCham Philippines.

Standard Price: ₱7,500 + 10% | $170
-For online payments through credit card or Paypal, with an additional tariff due to service charge.

Standard Price₱7,500
Standard Price$170.-


For non-member company of AmCham.

Standard Price: ₱8,500 + 10% | $192
-For online payments through credit card or Paypal, with an additional tariff due to service charge.

Standard Price₱8,500
Standard Price$192.-


Simon Bureau

Simon Bureau

Helps elevate the skills of Asian professionals who aspire to leadership positions, by contributing his 35 years of international business experience, including over two decades working in Korea. Since 2010, he has delivered over 600 workshops. Prior to founding Vectis, he held corporate positions in Montreal, New York and Washington D.C.. He formerly served as Chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea. A graduate of Bishop's University (Finance) and HEC Business School (International Business), he has published two business books.



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